CO Ceasefire -  Three priority bills passed in the CO legislature: Secure Storage in vehicles; Dealer Requirements and Permits; and an Excise Tax on firearms and ammunition to voters. Coalition for a Safer Delaware - Permit to Purchase became law on May 16. Hawaii Coalition to Prevent GV - Raise the age to 21 years ammunition sales passed and awaits

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Iowa Perry School Shooting Response

STATE NEWS: In response to the Perry school shooting, Iowa House Republicans advanced a bill to arm teachers and assign school resource officers. Maine legislature to hold first public testimony on 4 bills - expanded background checks, a 72-hour waiting period, changes to the yellow flag law and amendment to bump stocks and similar

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Update from Missouri

Statement from Grandparents for Gun Safety in Missouri: 'Once again we witnessed a tragic, unspeakable and PREVENTABLE mass shooting. We are angry and determined to act now to insist our elected officials serving in the Kansas and Missouri state legislatures and those representing us in Congress recognize easy access to guns is one fixable

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New Year 2024

STATE NEWS Iowans for Gun Safety makes a call to action after a fatal school shooting in Perry, Iowa. Find ways to support their work on their site. We are excited to have Marylanders To Prevent Gun Violence back with States United! Learn more about them on their site and the new Gun Violence Prevention Center that they

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Summer Edition

GUNS TO GARDENS New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence hosted their 18th Guns To Gardens buyback! 156 guns were dismantled; 1/3 were semi-automatics and assault style rifles. Most of the participants surrendered their firearms for safety reasons. At GunSense NH first Guns to Gardens, 31 unwanted firearms were dismantled, including an AR-15. Ralph, a

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