A life free from gun violence is a human right

We all have the right to be safe in our homes, schools, and communities. We have the right to live our lives and exercise our rights, free from the terror, loss, grief, and trauma caused by gun violence. 

What We Do

States United to Prevent Gun Violence is the only national organization that supports independent, state-led gun violence prevention groups. States United recognizes that each state organization is the expert in its own state, and we follow their leads while amplifying their efforts.

A background check on every firearm sale.

Responsible Americans want background checks for all gun sales. Most states across the country only require a background check on gun sales at Federal Firearm Licensed Dealers. This bill would include background checks on private sales that occur online, at gun shows or between individuals.

Our State Affiliates

Our 31 state affiliates are independent gun violence prevention groups that primarily focus on education and advocacy in their home states. There are no fees associated with becoming an affiliate. All affiliate organizations have access to the services and support provided by States United to Prevent Gun Violence. Scroll over a state to identify its affiliate, then click on the link to learn more.

Why We Do It

Firearms are now the No. 1 killer of children and teens in America since 2020, having surpassed motor vehicles accidents.
Our 31 state groups are working to build healthy communities by reducing gun death and injury through stronger laws, community education, and grassroots action.
Lives taken by gun violence every day. Firearm suicide makes up 2/3 of all gun deaths and 1/2 of all suicides.
We strive toward a 50-state solution to end gun violence by supporting state-based gun violence prevention groups and bringing new partners into the movement.