States United to Prevent Gun Violence is unique in its commitment to independent state organizations, providing our 31 state affiliates with strategic support, operational backup, and opportunities for connection. Our support allows these independent organizations to work more efficiently and effectively, building healthy communities and reducing gun deaths and injuries through stronger laws, community education, and grassroots action. In this way, we are working toward a 50-state solution to end gun violence.

As progress on meaningful Federal legislation and action has ground to a halt, it is more urgent than ever that state gun violence prevention groups have the resources they need to effect change on the state and local levels. The independent state groups that have affiliated with States United know their states’ legislators, press outlets, and most pressing issues. Their laser-sharp focus makes them uniquely qualified to be the go-to gun violence prevention experts in their own states.

At the national level, legislators are predominately moved by hearing from constituents and leaders in their home states. Our state affiliates provide a critically important voice to counter the gun lobby. States United serves to amplify that voice and elevate state leaders.

States United to Prevent Gun Violence is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization operated by Executive Director Jeremy Stein and a volunteer Board of Directors. We are always recruiting for new board members – contact us info@supgv.org for an application.

Executive Director Jeremy Stein and Board Chair Sonya Coleman meets with White House OGVP directors Greg Jackson and Rob Wilcox.