by Sonya Coleman



  • In response to the Perry school shooting, Iowa House Republicans advanced a bill to arm teachers and assign school resource officers.
  • Maine legislature to hold first public testimony on 4 bills – expanded background checks, a 72-hour waiting period, changes to the yellow flag law and amendment to bump stocks and similar devices on forfeited firearms.
  • Protect Minnesota reintroduce safe storage and mandatory reporting requirement for lost/stolen guns as advocacy priorities this year.
  • Washington legislature recently passed dealer responsibility, firearms in sensitive places, and reporting of lost/stolen firearms.

Data Visualization Launched:

GVPedia Data Visualization uses the Gun Violence Archive data to drill down to street address, congressional district, or state level using more than 25 different filters for date, demographics, type of incident, and more.

More Research!

  • Colorado OGVP launched a firearm data dashboard to help Coloradans better understand gun violence and prevention.
  • SPLC partnered with Everytown to survey youth’s perceptions on mental health, poverty, safety and gun violence.