by Sonya Coleman


Grandparents for Gun Safety

Statement from Grandparents for Gun Safety in Missouri:

‘Once again we witnessed a tragic, unspeakable and PREVENTABLE mass shooting. We are angry and determined to act now to insist our elected officials serving in the Kansas and Missouri state legislatures and those representing us in Congress recognize easy access to guns is one fixable cause of so many of these horrendous events.

It is long past time for them to stand up, speak out and accept the consequences of passing lax gun laws while simultaneously opposing any legislation that could prevent these senseless shootings.’


  • In Massachusetts, Stop Handgun Violence reports that the House and Senate omnibus bills were voted out successfully. They include regulation on ghost guns and expansion on sensitive places and ERPO.
  • From End Gun Violence Michigan “FOUR new gun safety measures are now in effect ensuring a higher level of safety for every last Michigander.” Learn more here.
  • New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence shared that the bill for 7-day waiting period passed the House and Senate.
  • Several Virginia bills advanced on firearm training, safe storage and 5-day waiting period.


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