The Maine Gun Safety Coalition grieves with the families and friends who lost loved ones in the mass shooting last night. We watched in horror as the tragedy in Lewiston, Maine happened before our eyes – the result of our weak gun laws. We call on our elected officials tonight to stop bowing to the gun lobby and look squarely at the face of what has happened in Maine’s second largest city. At a minimum, the Maine Gun Safety Coalition believes an assault weapons ban is necessary to try to prevent more such tragedies in our state. ~Camilla Shannon, Board Chair


A wealth of new gun laws were enacted in CT on June 6, 2023. Highlights include:
  • Bans open carry in public
  • Limit the sale of 3+ handguns to an individual in a 30-day period, or 6 handguns for an instructor.
  • Increase gun dealer accountability
  • Expand safe storage requirements to all owners


The Suicide Prevention bill was signed to law on June 1, 2023. It includes safe storage requirements and 72-hour waiting period.


Governor Walz signed several gun violence prevention measures into law on May 19, 2023: Extreme Risk Protection Orders, Universal Background Checks, Community Violence Intervention funding, and funding for Gun Violence Prevention Research.


The permit-less carry bill was pulled from the NC House calendar after North Carolinians Against Gun Violence rallied volunteers, advocates and survivors to contact their legislators and put a stop to this dangerous bill.


Governor Polis signed into law on April 28, 2023:  Industry Immunity Repeal, Extreme Risk Protective Order, Raise the Age to 21 on handguns & long guns and Waiting Period. In June, Ghost Gun ban was enacted.


On April, 25, 2023, Governor Inslee signed an Assault Weapons ban, waiting period and training requirement into law.  Washington becomes the 10th state to ban assault weapons.


Governor Hobbs vetoed several bad gun bills; including SB1331 that would have allowed parents with conceal carry permits to carry on k-12 school ground; and HB2394, a 2A Sanctuary law that would have added the refusal to enforce any federal law that taxes firearms or ammunition.


Two months after a mass shooting at Michigan State University that left three students dead, five injured, and a community in trauma, Governor Whitmer signed laws to require safe storage and an expansion of background checks to long guns. Soon after, the Extreme Risk Protective Order was signed into law on May 22, 2023.


Delaware Assault Weapons Ban law stays in place. A federal judge denied Delaware gun groups a preliminary injunction in their lawsuit seeking to block legislation that bans assault weapons and high-capacity firearm magazines.


The Gun Industry Accountability Act passed the Illinois General Assembly that will prohibit advertising and marketing that encourages para-Military or unlawful private militia activity; and prevent targeted advertising to minors. Governor Pritzker has already publicly stated he will sign it in May 2023.

Protect Illinois Communities Act was signed into law on January 10, 2023. It included an assault weapons ban and limit on large capacity and rapid fire devices. The AWB was immediately challenged based on the June 2022 NY Bruen SCOTUS case. However, on April 17, 2023 in a one-sentence order, the justices declined a request from an Illinois gun store owner and a gun rights group to block the state AWB ban law.


Federal Judge Upholds Rhode Island’s High-Capacity Gun Magazine Ban. ‘Consistent with its obligation to protect public safety, but consonant with its fealty to the Constitution, the Rhode Island General Assembly has responded with, among other firearms regulations, the [large capacity magazine] Ban.’