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Guns to Gardens provides an opportunity for NH residents to remove unwanted firearms from circulation. More people understand that having a firearm in the home can be dangerous, especially with young children and teens in the house.

New Hampshire state law prohibits law enforcement from destroying firearms which come into their possession and must either store the firearms or sell them back out on the market. 

“Many thanks to our friends at States United for the wonderful states gathering in December that led to the conversation that sparked this event!” ~ Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director GunSense NH

Guns to Gardens has hosted events at our affiliates in Utah, Maine and New Mexico.


COLORADO: New gun laws for the Rocky State! Immunity repeal, Extreme risk protective order, raise the age to 21 on handguns & long guns, and waiting period.

WASHINGTON: Assault weapons ban, waiting period and training requirement were enacted into law. Washington becomes the 10th state, plus District of Columbia to ban assault weapons.

ILLINOIS: The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago denied a request for an injunction by R. Bevis, a firearms store owner, while he appeals a ruling by U.S. District Judge Kendall that found the IL assault weapons ban “constitutionally sound.” 

ARIZONA: Governor Hobbs vetoed several bad gun bills; including SB1331 that would have allowed parents with conceal carry permits to carry on k-12 school ground; and HB2394, a 2A Sanctuary law that would have added the refusal to enforce any federal law that taxes firearms or ammunition. 

MICHIGAN: Two months after the MSU campus shooting, MI enacts safe storage requirements and an expansion of background checks for long guns. 

DELAWARE: A federal judge denied DE gun groups a preliminary injunction in their lawsuit seeking to block legislation that bans assault weapons and high-capacity firearm magazines. 

MISSOURI: Grandparents for Gun Safety co-founded a new digital national advocacy group called Grandparents Uniting for Gun Safety that will provide advocacy opportunities online.

Melody Vaccaro, executive director of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence was penalized with a lifetime ban from the NE State Capitol for yelling “shame” at members of the Legislature after a final reading vote on permit-less carry bill.

The excessive ban was recognized as an overreach and the NE State Patrol rescinded the sanction less than a week later.