Take Action in the MA State House

Stop Handgun Violence

Please join us tomorrow at 1pm in Massachusetts State House Hearing Room A-1 for a Hearing of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary to make your voice heard and keep Massachusetts the safest state in the nation.

There will be a chance to hear more from your elected officials about the pending bills at 11am in Nurses Hall on the 2nd Floor of the State House.

You can be sure that members of the Massachusetts NRA Affiliate, GOAL, will be showing up in large numbers to push for easier access to guns and silencers. Your presence in support of gun violence prevention will speak volumes, nobody is required to testify.

We will be speaking out about three bills in particular:

Extreme Risk Protective Orders (H3081) – We support this bill, which would allow police, concerned family members, and concerned healthcare providers to petition for the court to temporarily remove guns from people who have demonstrated that they are at an extreme risk of harming themselves or others. Duke and Yale researchers found that a similar law prevented dozens of suicides of in Connecticut.

Repealing the Silencer Ban in Massachusetts (H763 and H769) – We oppose these bills, which were filed by allies of the NRA’s Massachusetts Affiliate: GOAL. They would repeal the Commonwealth’s ban on silencers, which has successfully removed them from use in crime. This is an especially dangerous time to weaken state laws on silencers, as the United States Congress is also poised to make them readily available through private sales without a background check.

More information about the hearing and a complete list of the bills to be heard can be found here. And more information about all the gun-related bills introduced in Massachusetts can be found here.

Again, these bills will be heard in State House Hearing Room A-1 at 1pm tomorrow.

Thank you,

The Stop Handgun Violence Team