Honoring victims and survivors with ACTION: why we #WearOrange

States United - #GrassrootsGVP Report - May 25, 2017


Honoring victims and survivors with ACTION: why we #WearOrange.  It’s a story that bears repeating: four years ago, Hadiya Pendleton had just finished her final exams for the year when she was shot in the back while standing with friends in a Chicago park. Two weeks earlier, this bright and beautiful young woman performed in President Obama’s 2nd inaugural celebration. Hadiya was just 15-years-old when she died from gun violence. Like so many Americans, she was taken from her loved ones far too soon. Hadiya’s friends and family decided to honor her death with action and decided to wear orange — the color that hunters wear in the woods for safety — to raise awareness and prevent future senseless gun deaths. Their action has inspired a national movement, with millions of Americans and people around the world participating in Wear Orange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day each June. Our 32 genuine grassroots affiliates work year-round to raise awareness and prevent gun violence and are proud participants in #WearOrange tomorrow, June 2.

#StopMurderInsurance: Chubb and Lockton partnering with the gun lobby to sell murder insurance. Two insurance companies, Chubb and Lockton Affinity, have partnered with the NRA to provide “NRA Carry Guard” insurance to gun owners who shoot someone and claim “self-defense.” This horrifyingly cynical insurance plan is specifically designed to protect “Stand Your Ground” murderers like Trayvon Martin’s killer, and it provides coverage for criminal legal defense, firearm replacement, cleanup costs, a hotline for legal guidance, and other benefits. Tell Chubb and Lockton to cut their ties with the NRA and Stop Selling Murder Insurance.

Roll up your orange sleeves: ways to make an impact with #WearOrange this June 2.  The director of our affiliate New Mexicans for Gun Safety put it well, “If every one of us wearing orange also commits to at least one action a year toward ending gun violence — a lot would change. Truthfully, we need to roll up our orange sleeves and get to work.” So tomorrow, WEAR ORANGE and post a selfie on social media with #WearOrange and #GrassrootsGVP, attend an event in your community, and then join us in advocating for gun violence by connecting with your elected officials and pushing back against the corporate gun lobby’s culture of fear. 

#GrassrootsGVP: Connect with the SUPGV affiliate in your state to make an impact all year!  Our 32 grassroots state affiliates engage in innovative advocacy, meaningful education, and foster culture change with their passionate work to amplify the voices of activists in their states. Stay informed on what’s happening in your community, with organizations that put your state first while working together for a fifty state solution to ending gun violence. Find your affiliate here!