A background check on every firearm sale.

Most states across the country only require a background check on gun sales at Federal Firearm Licensed Dealers. This bill would include background checks on private sales that occur online, at gun shows or between individuals. 



End the Filibuster to pass life-saving gun violence prevention legislation.

Tragedy after tragedy, Senators play political games with our lives, blocking life-saving measures from earning a vote on the Senate floor, and many others from even becoming legislation.

The ability to stop progress on preventing gun violence is because of the filibuster which gives a minority of Republican senators who represent 41 million fewer people than Senate Democrats the power to prevent the Congress we elected from passing critical life-saving legislation.


Save Lives with Safe Storage.

An estimated 4,600,000 minors in the United States live in homes with at least 1 unsecured firearm. Join us and tell your Senators to support Ethan’s Law. 


 It is time to renew the Assaults Weapons ban.

The first major mass shooting in the United States occurred on Jan. 17, 1989, with an assault weapon at an elementary school in Stockton, Calif., where five children were killed and more than 30 teachers and students were wounded. By 1994 Congress enacted a federal ban on assault weapons and ammunition magazines over 10 rounds.

That ban reduced the number of mass shootings with the 19 specific banned weapons by 66%.

Enough. Renew the ban.