Tell your Senators to ACT!

Responsible Americans want background checks for all firearm sales. Join with your fellow Americans, and tell your Senators to support background checks. 


 It is time to stop paying the price of obstruction with our lives.

Tragedy after tragedy, senators play political games with our lives, blocking life-saving measures from earning a vote on the Senate floor, and many others from even becoming legislation.

The ability to stop progress on preventing gun violence is because of the filibuster which gives a minority of senators who represent 41 million fewer people the power to prevent the Congress we elected from passing critical life-saving legislation.

Our communities deserve better. We deserve action. That means we have to eliminate the filibuster. 


Students can’t learn, and teachers can’t teach, if they aren’t safe in their schools.

School district superintendents and boards of education need to do more than lockdown drills to protect students, teachers and staff from the threat of gun violence. They need to address a root cause of school shootings: the irresponsible behavior of gun owners who don’t securely store their firearms. They should be part of the solution in educating parents about the urgency of safe firearm storage and safe storage laws, and the legal consequences of not securing their firearms. 

More guns locked up. Fewer lockdowns.