Operations Support

Salsa Engage Access and Training

Through a generous grant from the Joyce Foundation, States United is pleased to be able to offer all state affiliates access to Salsa Engage, an online marketing, fundraising, and advocacy tool for nonprofits. States United can also provide our affiliates with appropriate training and creative content.

Social Media Amplification

With tens of thousands of followers across three platforms, States United can boost the social media reach of each state affiliate. We regularly share and retweet posts from individual states, and call attention to actions and campaigns happening at the state level.

Assistance with Affiliate Creation
Does your state have an independent gun violence prevention organization that is not yet affiliated with States United? Interested in getting a new organization off the ground? States United has resources and connections to help you be as effective and efficient as possible. Let us share our wealth of knowledge with you.

Strategic Support

States United is working toward compiling comprehensive analyses of available CDC data on gun deaths for the years 2009-2018 for every state. The resulting reports look at race, age, sex, and geographic location with regards to both gun homicide and suicide.
Testimony on Federal and State Bills
The board and staff of States United can provide compelling testimony in favor of gun violence prevention bills on the federal and state levels. Such testimony is critical to passing meaningful legislation.
Community Organizing Advice and Resources
Whether you are planning a community education campaign, advocating for a piece of legislation, or working to get out the vote, States United has the resources and experience to guide you.

Opportunities for Networking

Opportunities for Networking

Gatherings of GVP Movement Leaders
States United knows that the work of gun violence prevention is difficult and sometimes isolating. Gathering in person, when possible, energizes us, allows us to share ideas, and motivates us to keep moving forward. In the past, we have organized and facilitated conferences bringing together leaders and activists from all over the country. We look forward to the day when we can do so again safely.
Vital Connections Among Community, State, and National Organizations
States United serves as a nexus for organizations and leaders working at all levels. Our work is more effective when we can break down silos and understand the impacts of gun violence and preventive legislation as seen through different lenses.
Information Sharing Among State Organizations
No other national organization has at its core the mission of supporting independent state groups. One of the simplest–yet most effective– ways to do this is by sharing information. States United gets the word out about state-level campaigns, strategies, victories, and lessons learned. We connect the people doing the work on the ground so that you can bolster one another’s efforts.