News Roundup: Trick or Vote, Stand Your Ground, more

With a week before the election, we can’t afford to take a night off – even if it’s Halloween. Print out flyers reminding people to vote, put them on your door, and give extras to your neighbors. Trick or Vote also offers pumpkin carving and candy wrapper templates. Students can sign up to knock on doors asking neighbors to vote.

BIG WIN: FedEx Ends Partnership with NRA

Our supporters joined the nearly 50,000 Americans who signed an online petition calling on FedEx to stop giving discounts to NRA members, and it worked! Congrats to Guns Down America for spearheading this successful campaign that launched in 2016:

“This campaign succeeded because Americans pressured corporations to stop subsidizing the NRA’s dangerous agenda,” said Igor Volsky, Executive Director of Guns Down America. “While far too many lives were lost to gun violence since this campaign was launched, we are pleased to see that FedEx joined at least 28 other companies that finally understand that working with the NRA is not only the wrong thing to do, but bad for business. We will continue to hold companies large and small accountable who subsidize the gun lobby’s dangerous agenda.” Read more at Reuters. 

Other Resources

  • Youth Voting Resource: Center for American Progress and GenProgress have launched a youth-focused resource to fight gun violence through voting. Learn more at, including a list of candidates taking NRA money.
  • Podcast Fans: Johns Hopkins has a podcast episode titled “Permit to Purchase: Proven to Save Lives.” You’ll be hearing a lot more about Permits to Purchase in the near future, so download here.
  • Arming Teachers with Federal Funds: AFT, Giffords, SPLC, and more sued the Trump administration for withholding records detailing the administration’s unlawful decision to permit the use of federal grant funds to arm teachers in classrooms across America.
  • Vigils to #End Gun Violence: There is still time to register to hold a vigil or event during the month of December. Toolkits and registration information is available at the Newtown Foundation.
  • Stand Your Ground: CAP released a new analysis showing a connection between Florida’s stand your ground law and rising gun-related murders.
  • American College of Physicians has released a new position paper about ways to reduce gun violence.