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President biden announces executive action on ghost guns

In April 2022, President Biden announced a final ATF rule banning the manufacturing the most accessible ghost guns, such as unserialized “buy build shoot” kits that individuals can buy online or at a store without a background check and can readily assemble into a working firearm at home. 

Giffords and southern poverty law center action issue report on "Stand your ground" laws

On July 31, Giffords Law Center and the SPLC Action Fund, issued a report entitled “Stand Your Ground Kills: How These NRA-Backed Laws Promote Racist Violence.”
The report opens by recounting 2018 murder of Markeis McGlockton. McGlockton, who was Black and unarmed, was shot to death in a parking lot by a white man who was never charged with his murder under Florida’s stand your ground law. Far from being an anomaly, this scenario has played out over and over, endangering the lives of people of color and exonerating the white people who have killed them. We urge you to read and help disseminate this important and timely report.