Ceasefire: Aurora Theater Shooting – Five Year Remembrance

Five years ago this Thursday, hundreds of people gathered at an Aurora theater to watch a Batman midnight movie premiere.  About 30 minutes into the film, a gunman entered from a side door, threw out two canisters of smoke/gas and then began firing into the audience.  Twelve were killed and another seventy were injured, including 3 in a nearby theater.  The carnage only ended when the magazine on the gunman’s assault rifle jammed.

This week especially, we will be remembering those who died and those who were injured, a number with lifetime serious disabilities.

Public Remembrance Events:

Wednesday, July 19th-
CANDLELIGHT VIGIL: 11:30pm @ The Memorial Garden
15151 East Alameda Parkway (Aurora Municipal Building)

Thursday, July 20th-
AURORA’S HEROES EVENT: 4:00-7:00pm @ Baker’s St. Pub DTC
8101 E. Belleview Ave.    Thanking all the first responders

NPR recently broadcast a touching interview with Tom and Terry Sullivan, whose son Alex was shot and killed that night.  Both have become consistent and persistent advocates for gun violence prevention.

A private remembrance activity

Click here to print a template you can use to make a dodecahedron with the names of those whose lives were lost in the Aurora Theater shooting.  The construction can be a meditative activity.  With each fold of the paper,  you can remember the person whose life was stolen from them and those family members and other loved ones who can no longer share in their joys.

Instructions for making the Dodecahedron:

  • Print the attached file.  You may choose to print on colorful paper.
  • Cut out the template.
  • Make small cuts so that all the tabs are fully cleared for folding.
  • You may choose to put the names on the inside or the outside.
  • If you wish to decorate the dodecahedron, it would be good to do this before folding.
  • Make strong folds along all of the solid lines (names could be inside or outside).
  •  Use glue stick to attach the tabs on the inside.  It is suggested to leave the pentagon with no tabs for last.
  • If you wish to hang the dodecahedron, put a big knot on thread (maybe even around a small paperclip or other object) and push a needle through one of the internal vertices.  It would be easier to do that before folding.

Remembering those whose lives were taken from them that horrendous evening:

Jonathan Blunk –26, formerly in the Navy, died shielding his girlfriend

A. J. Boik – 18, recent High School graduate, remembered as vibrant and funny

Jesse Childress – 29, an airman at Buckley AFB, spent evenings playing sports with friends

Gordon Cowden – 51, During the chaos, shouted to his two daughters “I love you both!”

Jessica Ghawi – 24, sports journalist and die-hard hockey fan.  Escaped Toronto shooting in month prior.

John Larimer – 27, a Navy petty officer specializing in intelligence,  he died protecting his girlfriend

Matt McQuinn – 27, a relatively new resident of Denver, died protecting his girlfriend

Micayla Medek – 23, described herself as a Subway sandwich artist

Veronica Moser Sullivan – 6, sweet and friendly and loved school and playing

Alex Sullivan – 27, a gentle bear of a man who died celebrating his birthday with friends

Alex Teves – 24, was interning at a school for students with special needs, died protecting his girlfriend

Rebecca Wingo – 32, the mother of two girls who was putting herself back through school