5 Years Later: Remember Aurora.

5 Years Later: Remembering Aurora. Five years ago this week, hundreds of people gathered at an Aurora theater to watch a midnight movie premiere. About 30 minutes into the film, a gunman entered from a side door, threw out two canisters of smoke/gas and then began firing into the audience. Twelve were killed and another seventy were injured, including 3 in a nearby theater. The carnage only ended when the magazine on the gunman’s assault rifle jammed. And variations of this story occur every day in communities across our country. States United and our 32 independent state affiliates are committed to honoring all victims and survivors of gun violence with action, as we take on the corporate gun lobby in cities and states across the nation.

New Data: 4 Out of 10 “Self Defense” Handguns Owners Have Received No Formal Firearms Training. Training requirements for carrying guns in public are incredibly important, but an alarming number of gun owners say they have never had any formal training. This paper show why the corporate gun lobby’s plan to gut permitting standards nationwide through national Concealed Carry “Reciprocity” legislation and a flurry of Permitless Carry bills in the states is so outrageous. Learn more here.

#NRA2DOJ: Gun Violence Prevention Activists Marched in DC and in Solidarity Events in the States. Despite the sweltering heat last weekend, hundreds of gun violence prevention activists came together in Washington, DC to& demand justice for Philando Castile and call out the NRA’s racism and hypocrisy. Activists rallied in front of the NRA Headquarters and made an 18-mile trek to the Department of Justice in an event organized by the Women’s March and supported by a broad coalition of gun violence prevention groups with solidarity events taking place across the nation. Check out the Facebook live video of the rally at the DOJ that followed the march.

Beyond Physical: The Impact of Gun Violence on Communities. A new report from the Violence Policy Center and the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles presents details how people living in violent communities are at increased risk for a broad range of negative health and behavior outcomes. For gun violence prevention, evidence suggests that living in violent communities makes it even harder to break intergenerational cycles of violence. Research has also shown that exposure to the trauma of community violence is uniquely linked to development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), especially among children and teens. Read more and access the report here.